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Mayborn Capital is an operator-led investment firm with the single purpose to

Acquire, Manage & Grow 

one high quality company in

North Texas.



I am a third-generation Texan with a CFO and operations background.


I founded this firm using my personal funds where I want to invest for the long-term in one business and play an integral role in driving its growth.

Mayborn Capital is backed by a group of accomplished operators and investors. 

I am looking for a business located in North Texas, with revenues in excess of $5 million, robust customer relation-ships, positive cash flows, and a strong balance sheet.


I am the ideal partner for a seller who wants to unlock the wealth they have created and allow for either a full retirement or a reduced role. 

Post acquisition I will assume the role of CEO and will commit 100% of my energy to work with remaining management to sustainably grow the business. 

I am committed to the continued success of the business by building value over the long term and ensuring the continuation of the founder's legacy. 

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